Smiling, still charged up for more, after an hour’s workout of total body workout.  Core work basically involves the whole body in how it functions instead of isolating single muscles in an exercise.

Quarter Push Ups at the Core Strength Fitness class.  For all, whatever the motivation, whatever games or sports, from ladies toning to athletics to high physical performance.

Teenage karate class letting their hair down photo after belt changing ceremony.

Mokusu (meditation ) during special sports karate class at the centre for sukma athletes.

A family day core strength fitness camp at the beach.

Kids doing their training in their own way for fun.

Paul conducting a physical exercise at the Shan Tao primary school during a primary six camp. Fitness courses are also conducted at the Lintas centre.

Paul speaking to the students.

Precision and timing test.

Kumite training at the Alive Defence Center under the watchful eyes of Sensei Paul.

Even the wife who detests workout is convinced to work out regularly.

A group photo after self defence talk to widow's association.

A popular speaker for self defence since forming Alive Personal Defence. Paul is seen here receiving a token of gratitude from Puspuanika of the govt department.

Paul giving a talk on self defence to members of the Rotary Club of Luyang.