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Updated 11 April 2012

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Chinese New Year celebrations - one for the archives

Karatekas ready to do a demonstration. More to come.

Training at Alive Defence

Members at Alive Kettlebell Gym not only have a lively workout but also enjoy good fellowship amongst themselves as evidenced in a recent breakfast treat at a member's residence.

Another was get-together Bbq at another's . It goes to show, one must eat to compliment the training to be fit.

By popular demand, Alive Gym has opened up an evening class (6pm) for kettlebell fitness enthusiasts on Tuesday and Thursday in addition to its regular Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes.

Here are the "ladies power" at their first session.

Kettlebellers at the Alive Gym, knowing it is also constant training that counts, came together for a session on the morning of the eve of Chinese New Year 2011. Here's wish all, a very Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fat Cai with the best of health, wealth and strength.

Kettlebells in the park

Read about the our outdoor workout during the Harvest Festival holiday. >>

Kettlebell class

Watch a sample of a kettlebell workout.

Morning kettlebell class >>

More pictures

Kettlebell class and Karate team kata Training. >>

Timetable and pricelist available now!

Timetable >>
Pricelist >>

Kettlebell class

Information about classes has been updated. >>

Sensei Paul Chin's 6th Dan grading with Kanazawa Sensei presiding

Sensei Paul doing the kata "Sochin" during the grading. Mau Kam Peng to his left Cyril Yapp in the middle in the background.

Sensei Paul Chin demonstrating the double uchi uke, maegeri and zuki part application of the kata.