Whilst many more matured works hard for a sizeable fixed deposit in the bank to ensure protection during rainy or older days ahead, many forgets the health and fitness to enjoy fruits of such life time struggles.

Many people think to be fit, one needs to run a certain distance in a specific time or to be able to lift or push a certain amount of weight.  Fitness is just to be able to go about doing what you normally do but with greater ease and comfort.  If all an office worker who sits behind the desk most of the day can do that without feels backaches or shoulders pain, then he is fit.  A housewife is fit if she could go about her domestic chores or walking up a flight of stairs without panting or feeling tired if that is what she normally does.  On the other hand, a 100 metres sprinter needs to be able to clock that distance within his personal best.  Equally a lifter need the fitness level to lift whatever his target is.

Least, exercise is a mandatory and regular physical requirement like eating and drinking daily.  We need to exercise a minimum of three times a week of a specific duration and intensity to:

1. Give us a strong and lasting heart to pump endlessly to our ripe old age.
2. Give our waste disposal system, the lymphatic system, a strong vehicle to bring the waste and toxins away from our body.
3.To maintain a strong and robust bone skeleton.