Kettlebell workout in the Park


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Squatting from L to R: Valerie, Shelly, May, Betty, Patrick and Jonathan
Middle Row: Margaret, Lowen, Ann, Audrey, Veronica, Carol, Kim Fui, Ernest, James and Peter
Back Row: David, David, Brandon and Paul.

It was the day of Harvest Festival for the Kadazan Dusun community in Sabah, Malaysia.  Many were celebrating and giving thanks for a bountiful year and so was a group who took their kettlebells for an open air workout in the park at Taman Rimba next to the Ministry of Agriculture in Kota Kinabalu for better body conditioning. 

Being a public holiday, the usual buzz of people with the Ministry and the State Library was not around but that didn't stop the other health conscious from exercising and risk being stared at for this "new" form of workout in town.

Literally, hundreds have been in training at the Alive Gym at Lintas Plaza above Brass Monkey restaurant, pouring out sweat. This total and funtional body workout since coming to the shore of Kota Kinabalu over the past year, has had Trainees gaining total body strength, greater flexibility and enduranceas well as improved stamina and weight loss.
Kettlebell workout that has been around for decades in Russian has over recent years gained popularity globally be it for general fitness or for specific sports and games.