Martial Arts

Karate like Tae Kwon Do, silat, kung fu etc basically started as a fighting form for protection and self-defence in the days of lawless society.  The situation today has imporved considerably and with the introduction of sports into our daily lives, karate too has takenthe leap making it into the international scene.  There is nothing wrong with such a move as they each have its niche and attractions.  All martial arts are good, whatever form it takes. It is a form of physical confrontation and it is our responsibility to ensure that the practitioners do not abuse the art nor let the sport abuse the practitioners.

A skilled karateka can kill at will but what is there to ensure he or she, not only has the control not to go against God’s wish but also to refrain from an illegal and regrettable act.
I have seen many karate champions letting the gold medal going their heads and therefore letting pride erode the true essence of good characters.

The humility, good etiquette and respect must be constantly emphasised and taught or else we may be cultivating a skilled hooligan who walks around with dangerous lethal weapon amongst us.