Nutritional supplements

Once upon a time, man used to die from infectious diseases like Tuberculosis, Malaria etc caused by pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi but today increasing causes of death are high blood, diabetic.  These degenerative diseases are one of the key illnesses that are robbing our lives, killing us without much symptoms and warnings.

Also and sadly, no longer can we say, as long as we eat a balanced meal, we can get all we need.  The way food are grown or reared, the way they are cooked or processed are making them not only nutritious but are actually detrimental to our health.  Our surroundings are not as clean as what it was before.

Supplements in the right amount and the types are necessary to arrest the situation to prevent our body cells from being attacked and enable to repair the damage cells.

However, walk into any pharmacy and you see hundred brands of multi vitamins and minerals.  What we need is one that guarantees the right amount and the right type that our bodies require.