About the instructor

Paul John Chin holds a bachelor's degree in Social Science and a Master's degree in Psychological Counselling. An athletic of all sorts from a tender age, He also holds a 6th Dan in Shotokan Karate and with many years of experience as a Karate instructor, competitor and coach for Malaysia and also during his further studies in England. With 40 over years in karate practice, today he is the chief instructor of the Sabah Karate Association, and a Vice President of the state association.

Retiring from sports karate competition in the late 80s, his main thrust in his karate teaching returns back to the art form of strong and correct basics along with the values enshrined in the karate's code of practice ... "whilst the house we live in must have strong foundation to ensure stability and security, it must not be a house for hooligans and thugs".

Paul holds a Level 2 certification in Sports Science and is also a qualified Kettlebell teacher holding a Level 2 certification with the International Kettlebell Fitness Federation under Steve Cotter. A popular fitness coach, he places emphasis on correct body mechanics and natural flow of the body.

A firm believer that every individual is different, he enjoys a good membership of young and old, weak and strong, each given equal attention to build up from where one is.