Like it or not, we are constantly bombarded with psychological abuse every day of our lives.

You know, a simple twitch of the eye from a senior in school is an act of bullying and can have tremendous consequences on the junior student even up to his later grown up years.

Look at the high level of depression, broken homes and amongst family members and friends.  What about post traumatic effects of accidents or incidents?  Note the mental cases.  All these can lead to the frightening number of suicides cases.

Counselling is an answer to release the pressure from building up further and it MUST NOT be seen as the alternative to people who has gone cuckoo.

Stop giving advice that are not psychologically sound but reach out to help others by gaining a formal education on psychology counselling.  Certificate level is only a three days course but is a milestone in information.

Sports psychology and counselling has progressed leap and bounds to help athletics to enhance their performance internationally.